Thursday, February 14, 2013

Celebrate the Love-Valentines style

Happy Valentine's Day no matter who you love and remember to make it special cause we only get one life to live so you might as well enjoy the ride with whomever makes you happy!!

 As for me, I don't have that "Special" someone to celebrate with but I will make it a Great Day!! I treated myself to a wonderful dinner and later tonight I will be watching a movie!! I ordered "It's Complicated" movie from Best Buy stores and I will be watching that movie tonight. I can't wait...

Also, I managed to take care of some errands today, like go to the market, bank and mail a letter at the post office. It is a nice day for it being winter and also the snow and ice fell last night but by late afternoon, The snow melted away from the warmth of the sun!!

And, I created some lovely Art pages in which you can view to the side and below this post. I am becoming addicted at this digi-scrapping!!!
On and before I forget, I found some really nice Blogtrains where you can snag some cool Valentine's items!!
 The First Blogtrain " Forever Love" at Berry Applicious
 The Second Blogtrain "Always" has some nice items as well..

Well, I gotta go and see what kind of trouble I can find...But I hope all have a Great Day and share the love!!  Oh and enjoy the art pages I created...

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