Sunday, February 3, 2013

SuperBowl Sunday

Well, This is the Big Day-Ravens vs San Francisco 49er as they play in the SuperBowl today!! An Epic game that pits two brothers against each other to see who has the best team. Also, It is the end for a couple of players as they will be retiring from the game, one big name is Ray Lewis. 
And, It seems everywhere you look, People are sporting the Purple to show their pride in the Ravens!! To check it out, Read the article in the Online edition of the Baltimore Sun


In other news, I read an interesting article in the USA Today Online edition of the Newspaper.  An interesting read from the Author of the book about Navy Seals drama.

Ok, I am thru talking about news...I managed to get a lot done today and I was about to go view the game at my Brother's house but decided not to go since i have too much to do, mainly Online work. I will be participating on a Blogtrain "Hearts On Ice" and I will provide the links where you can snag some really nice goodies!! 

And, I managed to create some lovely graphic Art pages...I can't go a day without creating an art page!! I am starting to get addicted at this digi-scrappin...I think I mentioned that in a previous post but it is worth mentioning again, Hehe.

Well, I have to get ready to go watch the SuperBowl and then the Half Time show in which Beyonce will be performing...I gotta see this Half Time Show!! Go Beyonce.....and Go Ravens!! 

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the Art pages..also feel free to leave a comment cause i love reading all of your comments!! :-)

Oh, I had to stop pass the food market to pick up a few things to munch on during the SuperBowl Game that airs tonight. I gotta have the munchies while watching the Big Game and Cheering on the Ravens-Bring Home the Purple Pride!! 

As you can see not too many people shopping....I guess they are all home preparing for the SuperBowl...

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