Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Hump after a Holiday

Hidey Hoo and I hope all are having a wonderful Hump Day and get some humping in later today! As for me, It is work, work and more work!!! But I see relief coming in the upcoming weekend.
Although, I am complaining cause this was a short week considering that we celebrated a holiday this past weekend. I have a feeling September will fly and soon it will be Christmas Again!! I am so not ready for the holidays but come October is the start of the Holiday Season!

 Anyway, I managed to get a little creative the other day and create some lovely art pages in which you cna view to the side and below this post. A day without creating is a day wasted as I always say so let's get creating America!!

And, I managed to run a few errands before taking care of some other business. Life has a way of keeping one busy but again, i am not complaining cause I'd rather be busy than not having anything to do. As they say An Idle mind is the devil's playmate.
 Well with that said, I have to go take care some more business and I hope everyone has a lovely day!!

I love my Tag created Paw Printz ..they do some lovely work

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