Monday, September 2, 2013

No Labor on Labor Day

Hidey Hoo and I hope all had a wonderful Holiday weekend if you live in America..If you live some place else then I hope you had a great weekend!! 
I had a wonderful Loooooooong weekend and very relaxful. i attended two cookouts cause I couldn't decide where to go but it was fun cause I had two helpings of delicious food!! I am stuffed and I feel like a Thanksgiving Turkey, hehe
After the cookouts, We went for a drive-roads were kinda empty today-to my fav spot to admire the beauty of nature. It was such a peaceful and serene setting. Then, We drove back home so i could get ready for a Brand New Week with new opportunities, dreams and whatever else life decides to throw at me!! Oh, and I managed to create some lovely Art pages cause a day without creating is a day wasted as I always say. So,Let's get creating America!!  You can view the pages below this post.

In news today,  I have lost a very good Facebook friend-Anna Collaco- and I miss talking with her on the social site. But you know what..Real Friends are suppose to be with you not only during the good times but the bad times as well...and if they can't be their to support you then they were never really your friend.

Anyway, I am not gonna waste my time writing about them cause life goes on RIGHT?!!  

And, I also did a little house cleaning today which is a rarity for me. But it needed to be done and now the house is sparkling clean and smelling fresh!! Well, I gotta go and get ready for tomorrow and I want to watch a little television tonight. So, Have a Great Evening and be Blessed in all that you do..

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