Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Have a Humpity Hump kind of day

Happy Hump Day and I hope all are having a wonderful day thus far...I am having a GREAT Day!!!
Although It would have been a better day if I had today off from work but I am not complaining cause I am making that Ka-Ching!!! LOL
 Anyway, I managed to stop at my favorite place for lunch....which is an Indian Restaurant.....I love the food and atmosphere of the restaurant.  I didn't take any photos of the place since I was busy chowing down on the delish food but next time I will post a few pics of the place.

And, I managed to run some errands today, such as drive over to the Post Office to mail some letters; to the Market and then over to a friend's house and  few other odds and ends before coming home to get dinner started. I don't know what I will prepare for dinner? And, I am still somewhat full from lunch since it was a buffet restaurant.

And, I managed to create some art pages cause a day without creating is a day wasted as I always say. So, Let's get creating America and those who live outside of America!!! Plus it is FUN too!! You can view the pages to the side and below this post.

In news today,  An interesting article in the Washington Post regarding the Senate funding the Obama Health Care Bill after a lengthy speech by one of the Congressmen. Check out the article..

 In other news, The FBI has released the video of the Navy Yard shooter...and the Man says He was driven by radio waves that propelled him to do what he had to do....Some people are just plain crazy in this world in my opinion. But it takes all kinds of people...You can check out that article at the Washington Post Online edition here

And, If you are planning buying a plane ticket...When do you purchase to get the best deal? Check it out here on the Washington Post Online edition. 

Sad News to report over an Ex-Charger's Player who committed Suicide and at a young age too!! Rest in Peace and I send Prayers to the young man's family. I don't understand why so many young people are killing themselves and over senseless acts? Check out the article here

And Tina Fey is going least that is what this article in the USA Today Online edition says. 
I don't understand why women have to bare it all to get recognize? Why can't they make it by being smart and business like...I just don't know?

And the 35K walk to raise awareness for abortions scheduled for October of this year has been cancelled. Check out the article in the Catholic Review for when it is scheduled.

Ok, I am tired of News now time to view some art pages and sign off the Internet to go run some errands before it gets dark. So, Have a Blessed Day and remember to be kind to everyone you meet cause you never know what troubles they are going thru and your smile may brighten their day!!

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