Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday no funday

WooHoo, I am glad this day is finally over and a Brand New Week is about to start with new opportunities, new adventures and new sights to see!!
 Although, This day wasn't too bad cause it could have been worse. i managed to get some art pages done and do a little CT work for several designers and posted the pages to Forums, such as Scrapbird!!

And, I had to do a little yard work. I was thinking of cutting the grass today but it doesn't look like it needs cutting so I will wait until next weekend. And, besides the weather will be a little cooler. I love the Autumn season...

And, I had to run errands today but not too many before coming back home to tackle some household chores, such as painting the den, yard work and cleaning the windows. Whew, Housework is never done!! and I submitted resumes to several jobs online cause I need to find a part time job. i have some time in my days in which could be filled with a part time job and a little extra money would be nice for the upcoming holidays.

Well, I gotta go see what I can get into so Have a Blessed evening or day...

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