Sunday, July 7, 2013

Buenos Dias mi gente

Hola and Happy Sunday Funday!! I hope all are having a terrific weekend thus far and getting outside to get some Vitamin D naturally....I know I was able to step outside for a couple of minutes to soak up the sun and get my Vitamin D!!

Today is a chillaxing kind of day...nothing to do although that can change at a moment's notice.  But I did manage to create lovely art pages in which you can view to the side and below this post. A day without creating is a day wasted as I always say.

And, I had to go run a few errands, like drive to the Market; Pay a bill; drive over to a friend's house for awhile and then came back home to chillax for the rest of the day.

I have to go and see what I can find to do...Have a wonderful day and enjoy the art pages and remember to be kind to everyone who you meet cause you never know what kind of problems they may be facing and your smile maybe the thing to put them in a good mood.

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