Sunday, July 28, 2013

Last Sunday of July

Happy Sunday Funday and I hope all are having a Fab Weekend thus far-it isn't over yet-but it is quickly coming to a close as Monday creeps around the corner.

 i had a relaxing weekend in which I thought over a lot of things and began making plans for my next move in life.  I did some soul searching and digging deep within myself to find the answers to several questions and determine the best move I need to take in my life!! So, I will be making some changes in my life...i don't know if it is for the better or the worse cause only time will let me know if I made the right decision.

But I did find time to create some lovely art pages in which you can view to the side and below this post. A day without creating is a day wasted as I always say...So, Let's Get Creating America!!

And, A Facebook friend of mine is creating a New Kit for me...and i can't wait to have a play with it. She informed me the kit has lots of " Hunky and Sexy Men" and titled it "It's Raining Men" I can't wait to have a play and create some pages with the Digikit!!

Well, I will keep this post short since I have to go run some errands....Have a Lovely Sunday and remember be kind to everyone you meet!! Oh, and if anyone is on Facebook, Here are some short cuts to Icons you can post on the social site.

Time to go for now...I have some errands to run but until next time!! 

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