Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Have A Dream March in Washington, DC

Greetings on this rainy, cloudy day in DC....and also the day to remember Dr King's famous and inspiring "I Have A Dream" speech!! Our nation's capitol was packed with people from far and wide who ventured here and braved the rain to hear celebrities, Politicians speak of the legacy of Dr King and what we must do keep that dream alive today!!

 It was an awe-inspiring day as I wandered the fields and admiring the crowds and listening to the lectures of the day. It was a priviledge to stand on the grounds of where Dr Martin Luther King stood 50 yrs ago and gave an inspiring speech that would change the course of history. History was made today in Washington, DC once again as we celebrated those times and as we continue to live out the Dream!!

 i managed to take a couple of pics of the event from the day in which you can view below this post. A sea of umbrellas could be seen as people stood on the lawn listening to the lectures and speeches of celebrities, TV Personalities and Politicians. A great day in our Nation's Capitol today despite the cloudiness and rain!!

The crowds in DC listening to lectures of the Politicians and whoever else spoke 

The Mounted Police on Horseback providing security to today's event.

If you'd like to read more of today's event, check out the Washington Post article here.

In other news, Hmm, no other news cause the DC events took up most of my day!! 
So, I will just say Have a Blessed Day and enjoy the art pages!! 

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