Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Man

Happy Monday and I hope all had a wonderful weekend!! I had a Fabtastic weekend and ready to start the new week off with bells on my toes!! LOL

  I managed to do the things that I want and visited Annapolis to watch the boat race and do some shopping. Also, i attended a crab feast and participated in a mini run...i think i lost some weight while racing!! hehe

And, I managed to get a little creative cause a day without creating is a day wasted as I always say..and my Facebook Friend, Shannon, created two lovely kits for the members of her group to play with....I had fun playing with the kits and Shannon is such a talented and wonderful person...I am so glad that we are Facebook Friends!!
 Oh and I can't forget my other buddy, Paula Mancini who creates some wonderful kits as well!! Both Paula and Shannon are Awesome and I call them "The Dynamic Duo"

Anyway, in other news, I watched the VMA's last night and Miley Cyrus....I don't know what to say about her SMH!! But the highlight of the show was Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars!!! Lady Gaga is truly an Entertainer and Bruno Mars has that WOW Factor!!!  In my opinion, It seems the VMA's have gone down a bit as for as Talent is concerned....I didn't really see any singers that stood out like Madonna; Cher; Diana Ross; Stevie Wonder or Luther Vandross!!!  It looks as though this young generation doesn't have too much talent cause when they sing it sounds like anyone can do what they are doing....

 I gotta go and take care of some business...Have a Blessed Day!!

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