Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Treat

Hidey Hoo and I hope all had a wonderful Tuesday....I know I did since I had the day off from work. It feels good to have time off from work to do the things you want to do. But then comes the day when you have to go back to work..Ho Hum!!! 
Anyway, i have some good news to inform..I am not working as a CT for two more Designers-Yay me!! THey really love my designs and you can view them above and below this post. I have been really busy creating art pages today...but it is FUN and Exciting to see which way the design turns out. 
Also, I managed to do some housework today and  a little yard work. I gotta get that exercise in so I don't get too Fat!! 
I won't talk too long so you can enjoy the art pages and Have a Blessed Day!!

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