Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Friday

Well, I awoke today to the greatest news...I found out that my graphic page was selected as FP on the DT site-woot, woot!! It was such a surprise and a shocker to me since I created this page as a CT for Courtney's digital kit which will soon be available for purchase!! It is a lovely kit with gorgeous papers!! 
So, I am on cloud 9 today and feeling good!! I put 100% into creating my pages so that they may bring beauty, entertainment and maybe be informative to the people viewing the page. This is the icing on the cake to have my page selected as FP on the DT site!!

And, I created some other lovely pages that you can view below this post. I really love-and addicted-to creating graphic pages to make people feel good about themselves!!  Now, If I can only find a way to get PAID creating these pages!! :-)

Also, I managed to take care of some other errands and in news today, Gabby is receiving all kinds praises being selected as the best in the Olympics in London!! And, A lot of celebrities are tweeting on behalf of her as well, from Oprah, Nick Minaj and a host of other celebrities!! She has also received her own cereal box, according to an article in USA Today Online edition. 
That little Gabby is going places and I am so happy for her!!

And, The saga continues with the Holmes victims as they face huge debt and bills from what the shooter did in a Colorado movie theater. A lot of them are faced with high bills from the aftermath of the shootings, according to an article in USA Today Online edition. 

And, I found this article to be interesting in the USA Today Online edition regarding what to do when the jobless' unemployment benefits run out. 
" Cullinan is among about 1 million long-term unemployed Americans whose jobless benefits are phasing out this year as the federal government reels in Great Recessionlifelines that provided unemployment checks for as long as 99 weeks in many states. By year's end, another 2 million will see their checks cut off sooner than Cullinan's were, because extended unemployment benefits will end beyond the standard 26 weeks that states pay for. Congress could renew the program, but many economists say that's unlikely."

I read an interesting article on the Catholic Review newspaper site
regarding when someone loses an item, you regain faith. 

" Jesus taught his disciples to count on God and on the kindness of others! When we’re down to nothing, it’s nice to know Jesus was right. I experienced plenty of kindness and plenty of divine intervention. I’m sorry I lost my wallet. But my faith in God and in other people is stronger than ever!"
Well, I have to go see what I can get into today......and Thank to Karen Glover for selecting my page as FP on the DT site....It was truly a surprise!!!!

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