Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Sass

A lovely day outside with the sun shining in the blue skies as a summer breeze blows in the wind. a great day to be outside enjoying the fresh air and mild temps. 
I managed to get a few things accomplished before I became distracted with performing outdoor activities, such as taking a few photos of the plants, insects roaming around the yard. I will probably create a graphic page using the photos to post on the social media sites, Blog and DT. 

And, I read an USA Today article informing that Neil Armstrong has passed away. He was the first Astronaut to walk on the Moon!!  R.I.P Mr Armstrong and your endeavors/accomplishments will live on..

Also, The State Fair begins this weekend and lasts all week...I may pay a visit to see the Rodeo on Monday!! I want to see the cowboys riding the Bronco Bulls and see who stays on for Eight seconds!! It should be exciting and FUN!  If you'd like to more on the State Fair, click here.

I think i will go outside to enjoy this lovely day and maybe take more photos. Have a Blessed and Safe Saturday and enjoy the creative pages that I have posted above and below the post. 

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