Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Bliss

Happy Friday and I hope all have a great weekend!! I don't have anything planned but I am sure that will change as the hours tick pass...I did create some lovely graphix pages, and you can view them at the side and below this post.

 And, I watched the DNC last night and thought President Obama's speech was on the Money!! He laid it out and informed the American people is agenda for the next four years!! Go Obama/Biden!!!

In other news, The weather has been delightful thus far and I hope we have mild winter this year like that of last year. I am loving these mild temps!! I may not have to think about relocating to Florida if these mild temps continue...actually, I still want too move to another State, maybe New Mexico!! I love the scenic beauty of Albuquerque and the landscape. but as of now, It is just a dream of mine until I make it a reality!!

And, I am so excited of the news from DT regarding a new version of the CAP software!! I can't wait to see a video of what the new software is capable of performing!! Ooooh, It is all so Exciting!!

 Well,I gotta go and take care of some errands...Have a Blessed and Safe Weekend!

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