Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sundai Fundai

Well, It looks like Sunday Funday is about to come to an end and a Brand New week is about to begin...Ugg, I hate Mondays!! Why can't their be a day between Sunday and Monday so we can rest?!!

Anyway, I have to prepare myself for the work week cause it is a coming no matter whether I like it or not!!
I did have a great, relaxing Sunday today..almost!! I had to do some yard work for the arrival of Spring even though a Winter storm is forecasted for the middle of the week.  They are predicting 4-8 inches of snow but i have a feeling it will be All Rain!! so, I will stay tuned and keep watching the news for the details as the days go on.  Although, I wouldn't mind a really good snow storm cause this has been a mild winter thus far and we do need snow before the winter season hands the baton over to Spring!

And, I managed to create some lovely Art pages in which you can view to the side and below this post. As I always say, I do without creating is a day wasted!!  Plus, Digi-scrapping keeps one sane,HeHe!!

in news today, It looks like the Sequester has been signed by the President and is in effect for America!! I don't know if places outside of America will be affected by The Sequester? Well, I am sure most of you are probably asking What is the Sequester and why is it making news? Check out the article in the Huffington Post Online for more details here.   I will say this....The Sequester will be forcing many layoffs and furloughs within the Federal Governent.

Ok, I have had it with news...Now I want you to enjoy the art pages that i have created and Have a Blessed Day or rather, a Blessed New Week!!!!

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