Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

Hidey Hoo and i hope all are having a Terrific Tuesday!! I know I am as I wait for the Big Snow Storm to hit this evening into tomorrow...at least that is what the forecasters are informing everyone. I have a feeling it will be Rain/Snow mixture with High Winds!!!  
We just received a Robo-call from the Electric company informing of what to do if the electricity is knocked off...I am praying that it doesn't effect the electricity cause I can't live without the internet!!

 But anyway, today is the calm before the snow storm. it is a gorgeous day today with a mild breeze blowing in the wind. it feels almost like an Autumn day if I didn't know this was Winter.

Well, I managed to get a few things done as we wait for the snow storm to approach. I had to drive over to the store to purchase a few things, make sure I have some munchies in the house in case I am stranded indoors because of the snow/rain mixture, Hehe

But I did manage to make time to create some layouts cause I day without creating is a day wasted!! Also, It is a good thing I am off from work tomorrow so I can enjoy the beauty of the snow...if we get any at all.

Well, I gotta go now...I just remembered a few things to get at the store. So, Have a Blessed Day and enjoy the art pages..

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