Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bueno Sabado

Hello and I hope all are having a wonderful weekend thus far.......For me the weekend is just beginning!! Also, This is a three day weekend for some people since Monday is a Holiday-Veteran's Day!! I have nothing planned for that day too but my schedule is like the wind and I am sure something will blow my direction!

I've been busy creating some graphic pages and i really love how I made them!! I am so addicted to this digi-scrappin and especially finding digikits!! I even use my lunch break when at work to surf the internet looking for digikits-not if that's not addiction then I don't know what is..heHe!! Oh well, I could be addicted to something far worse!!

Nothing new to talk about in the news except i can't wait until the Inaugauration in January 2013 on the 21. That is when President Obama will be sworn in and also lots of Parties will be happening around the DC area..woot, woot!!! for more information on this event, you can read an article published in HuffPost.  or go here to read more about Inauguration

It is an exciting and Fun filled event for the entire family....and lots of opportunities to take photos of a historic event!!

 Have a Blessed Day and stay safe and warm where you are...cause it is getting cold around here although today feels like a Gorgeous Autumn day!!

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