Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Bliss

Hidey Hoo and Happy Friday to all...and I hope all have a Great Weekend as well..And, This is upcoming week is the start of the Holiday Season!!! I love this time of year when everyone you meet is so nice and in the Holiday Spirit!!!
 I won't be spending that much money this year but I will make it a Happy one though! The Family will be celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday and that will also give me an opportunity to take lots of photos of my little nieces and create some lovely Art pages!!

And, Then Cyber-Monday is the following week and I  will be snagging up all the items On Sale on the Internet!! I just love Internet Shopping!!

Well, Today I managed to get a lot done. I had to drive to the store to purchase a few things, went for a walk at the local park to take advantage this cool, Autumn Day and also I had to get my car washed.  I am thinking of getting a New Puppy but I don't know what kind of dog I want, whether a small, medium or large dog? I prefer medium to large dogs cause I am always scared of stepping on small dogs, HeHe!! I don't know but then again, I don't have the time to care for a pet and they poop all over the house unless I train it...LOL

 Anyway, I created some lovely Art pages in which you can view below this post and Have a Blessed Day!!
Oh, and I read an interesting article in the Online edition of the "Catholic Review" Here is a quick passage and if you'd like to read the full article, click the Catholic Review here

" A very holy man, when I shared with him my fears and anxieties about future events, said very simply: “Hold in mind what you want, not what you don’t want!” Anxiety comes from holding in mind what I don’t want to happen – usually some fearful outcome. Peace comes from holding in mind the best possible outcome – the best possible retreat, the best sermon, the best counseling session, the best weather conditions. Fear is the engine of anxiety. Peace comes from God."

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