Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hump Hump and Humpity day

A lovely sunny day with warm air blowing in the air. A great day to be outdoors and I managed to tend to the plants in the garden before heading out to work and running a few errands. I had to drive pass the market to pick up dinner for later today. I think I may fix Stir Fried Pork for dinner today, Yummy!! If you would like to see and try, the recipe click here
I also posted the recipe on my Facebook page if you are friends with me and if not, send a friend request cause I love meeting people from all over the world and learning from a variety of people!!! I am such a people person!! :-)

In other news, I managed to create some lovely art pages. A day without creating is a day wasted as I always say. I hate to waste a day without creating some kind of digital art page!! When i am not creating, I am usually collecting all the lovely digikits that the various designers put out for us to snag and grab!! And, Believe me, some of those Kits are Gorgeous!!

Well, I am about to go run some more errands. Have a Blessed Day and remember be kind to everyone who you meet cause you never know what is bugging them in their lives. Everyone is dealing with something only some people just know how to deal with it better than others!!

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