Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hump Wednesday

Happy Wednesday and I hope all are enjoying the day!! I am having a blast and managed to accomplished a lot today from driving to the market, shopping both Online and Retail; driving to the Bank then over to the Post Office and I even had time to have lunch with a college friend with whom I haven't seen in years. I found out she is married with two boys...and cute kids at that...the family is doing wonderful.  Oh We dined at this Indian/Chinese restaurant called Lal Qila which is buffet style and the food is Delish!!! 

And I managed to create some lovely art pages in which you can view below this post. The Tags were created by my good friend Anna...She is a very talented woman and she also creates kits too!! She is a lovely lady and i am so glad our paths crossed. 

Well I gotta go run some more errands but enjoy the art pages and Tags!! 

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