Friday, May 10, 2013

Time to WooHoo Friday

WooHoo it's Friday and that means the weekend can't be too far behind!!! Time for some Weekend Fun!!

I am glad I had today off from work cause I was able to tend to the garden. i don't know what kind of flowers I will plant this year though? I guess I will take a trip to the Nursery and let the fingers do the walking LOL!!  Whatever a plants that interests me then that will be the plant I purchase to place in the garden.

And, I managed to get some shopping done and I visited a friend today to chat about yester-years gone by.

Also, I managed to create some art pages..I am so addicted at creating these art pages cause it is so FUN!! You can view the pages to the side and below this post....

On a side note, I have a few people who have nothing better to do than peruse my blog and make a nuisance of themselves by informing me to take down an art project!! I mean..some people have nothing better to do with their lives than be a trouble maker to others....I paid for the items and I should be able to use them any way that i like....but some people are so damn stupid and don't have anything better to do than cause trouble over stuff that really shouldn't even matter!!  I won't post any names but you know who are....If you don't like what I post on my Blog then don't visit my Blog...It is as easy as that.....

On that note, I have to go run some more errands and enjoy art pages and remember to be kind to everyone who you meet cause you never know what troubles they are dealing with in their lives!! Have a Blessed Day and weekend my people....

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