Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Humpity Hump Day

I hope all are having a wonderful Hump Day and enjoying this lovely weather..I hope it is lovely weather where you are located?

 It finally feels like Spring with the sun shining in the blue skies as a cool breeze blows in the wind. A delightful day outside. This is the kind of day I would like to put in a bottle to pull out on those not so nice days!!

Anyway, I managed to get a lot accomplished today from running around to the post office, to going to the bank then to market and I even had time to cut the grass today. it felt good to get outdoors to cut the grass although I need to condition my body since I have been sitting around inside the house all winter and not having to any yard work. But give it a couple of weeks, and my body will be conditioned and primed to cut the grass!! LOL

And, I created some art pages in which you can view to the side and below this post. A day without creating is a day wasted as always say...Get Creative!

Well, I gotta go and run some more i want to enjoy this lovely day!! So Have a Blessed Day and I hope you all managed to get some Humping in your life on this Hump Day!!

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