Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Happy 12/12/12 to all and I hope you are having a wonderful day thus far!! I am having a delightful day on this 12th of Month, 12th Day of 2012! And, This is the last year that we will ever have a 12/12/ make it count people!!!

Well, i have been busy running errands all day. I had to drive downtown to the post office to mail last minute christmas cards and purchase some stamps, then I had to do a little grocery shopping and i had to stop over some relatives houses...whew, what a busy day it has been!! But I am not complaining cause I love it when i am busy it makes me feel alive!!

I do know one thing..I am definitely not in the Holiday spirit this year. I guess I will feel more Holiday like as the days go on though...and when I see all those gifts under the tree, HeHe!!  Hmm, I wonder what Santa will bring me this year?

Anyway, I have got to go do more errands and take care of some other business. So, Have a Blessed Day and enjoy the last year of 12/12/12!!! Also, enjoy the art pages that I have created...

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