Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monday done day

Happy Monday Doneday and I hope it was a great one for you all...It was a busy one for me!!

 I had to do some Xmas shopping and when I arrived at the store and was about to pay for my items, I noticed I forgot my wallet!! I can laugh about it now but I was so embarrassed standing at the cash register and couldn't pay for my items, HeHe!! But the girl working the register was so nice and offered to hold my items until I came back to purchase them...Some nice people in this world and that still gives me hope in the human race.

So, after that fiasco, I had to drive over to my Aunt's house to help with the holiday menu and go out to the market to purchase the items. I love Holiday shopping and being amongst the crowds and hearing the holiday music playing on the store intercoms. Ahh, I wish every day could be Christmas!!

And, I found some cool Freebie digikits as I was surfing the Internet!!! One was a FB Exclusive freebie called "Snow Days"  and I found a cute kit called "My Sanctuary" which is really darling and you can purchase it (click) here. I have placed a sample page below this post, as well as, some other art  pages.

Well, I gotta run and take care of some more errands. Oh, and I almost forgot, I attended a Holiday party last night and had so Much FUN! I had so much FUN that I can't remember the party, HeHe
Have a Blessed Day and Be Kind to everyone you meet cause everyone is battling their own problems only some know how to deal with it better than others...

This is the sample page for the lovely kit "My Sanctuary" in which you can purchase above by clicking the link..A really lovely kit and has an inspiring message on why it was created..
This Kit tells the story of a womans dream for her perfect personal space. A private sanctuary to relax and unwind in, a garden to love and nurture, a special place to enjoy outdoor fun with her children. As her family grows and settles into their home her sanctuary will blossom and grow into the most beautiful mature garden beyond her wildest dreams!

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