Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Hump before the Holidayz

Hidey Hoo and I hope all are having a Fab Wednesday!! I know I am and it is also getting close to Christmas!! I am totally not ready for Christmas this season..and I haven't even finished doing my shopping yet!! I need to Get A Crackin with my shopping soon!! 
Well, I did accomplish one thing...I created a Brand new digikit titled "A Lovely Day" and it is available for download and to have a play here.  You can see a preview of the contents what's included in the kit above and not everything is shown. I can't wait to see the pages you create using this kit..

And, I have to report some sad news...They have buried the kids in Conn. who were killed by an insane young boy who went on a shooting spree and then killed himself.  The worse part of the story is the perpetrator's own mother taught her son how to shoot a gun and she was a collector of guns-wtf?!!  It is some sick people in this world....In my opinion, The Mother got what she deserved...Her son killed his mother...but I feel sorry for the other people who had to die because of this tormented boy, or rather, family. 
And, The same thing happened in China..where a man used a knife to stab 22 kids  but in that scenario no one died!! Their are some sick people in this world!! 

Anyway, I don't want to talk about sad stuff on my Blog. I want to talk about Happy events and also have you view the lovely art pages I created and posted on the Blog. And, I want you to grab that new kit cause I  love seeing your pages!! 

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