Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Funday before Holidayz

Happy Sunday Funday and I hope all are enjoying the day and having a glorious one as well!! The Lord is Good and so is this Day!!
 Well, Let me start out by saying I created the Flyer to the side to help a lady I am friends with on Facebook find a loving home for Three beautiful Horses!! And, The Horses are FREE!! If you are interested in taking care of these beauties, let me know and I will put you in contact with the woman and the horses are located in Wisconsin.

Second, I am working on a Collab kit with my Favorite Designer, Shannon, and it should be available soon, It is going to be a HUGE Kit and one for the record books in the Digi-World!! I can't wait until Shannon and I release the kit and see the lovely layouts created with the contents of the kit!! It is going to be EPIC!!
 I am so honored to be working with Shannon and she is my inspiration and a kind soul!! I am truly Blessed to have found her and to be collaborating with her on  a kit and maybe some Future kits!! Kudos Shannon cause YOU ROCK, GIRL!!

And, I have been pretty busy myself running errands and doing a little shopping. I haven't begun my Christmas shopping yet and I told everyone that I was going to be taking advantage of the Sales on Cyber-Monday?!! And, I didn't even take advantage of the Sales cause life created a new pathway for me to walk down and enjoy the scenery, HeHe!!  Oh well, I guess I will be braving it this week or next week!! Plus, I enjoy shopping so close to Christmas...It gets me in the Holiday spirit when I see crowds, cash registers ringing and store intercoms announcing of a lost child in Aisle 9, HeHe!!  Gotta Love the Holidayz!!!
 And, I created some lovely Graphic pages for you to enjoy...and Have a Blessed Day!!

This is a CT page for the New Kit "Shiny Happy People" and will be available soon!! And, It will be FREE!!

I just love this page created by Dawn using my kit "Twinkie Love" She did an Excellent job creating this page and it made me Laugh too!! You Rock, Dawn!!! 

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