Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday before the Big Holiday

Woo Hoo..We made it to FRIDAY!! And, This is No Ordinary weekend coming up either cause Christmas is next week and then the following weekend is New Year's-2013 Babee!!

 I am so ready for this year to end and the New Year to begin...although I must say, This year did Fly!! Also, Next year is the Inauguration for President Obama and its' happening in Washington, DC-woot, woot!! I may have to attend this Inauguration since this will be the last four years of President Obama!!

Oh, and my heart still goes out to the grieving parents who lost their kids in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting! What a sad time these families are going thru and around the Holidayz too!! R.I.P the kids and Faculty of the Conn School.
 And, First Lady Michelle Obama wrote a letter of sympathy to the surviving members of this horrific tragedy and you can read it here in the USA Today newspaper.
or here in the Conn newspaper the Courant

And, President Obama has picked a new Secretary of State-Senator John Kerry will replace Hillary Clinton in the next term. According to an article in the Online version of the USA Today newspaper:President Obama has picked Sen. John Kerry for secretary of State, hailing him as an extraordinary lawmaker who has played a central part in every major foreign policy debate of the last 30 years."

And, The Republicans and President Obama are still working on the Fiscal Cliff!! I wonder if they will all agree before the Holiday break? To find out more, you can read the USA Today article here

And, in other news, Unemployment rates fell in 45 States despite the Sandy storm which is good news for the economy! You can read the USA Today article here.

Well, I am thru talking news now...I have to go take care of some more errands and do some Christmas shopping!! Plus, I have to decide what to fix for dinner today? Should I order take-out, cook or dine out? That is the question for today...But before I leave you, I read a lovely Christmas poem in the Online version of the Catholic Review newspaper!! 
Here is an excerpt from the article:Christmas is the fulfillment of our deepest longings. We believe that Christ came to die to show us that death was not the end. And, his farewell gift to us was the gift of peace. Jesus was love in human form. And he came to share that we have the same love living inside us. And just as we must make a decision to come to Christ, so God had to make a decision to come to us."

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