Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2nd day of Government shutdown

Happy Hump Day to all and I hope you will be getting some humping in later today, Hehe!!
 Well, It is Day 2 of the Government Shutdown and nothing seems to indicate if the shutdown will be over. But President Obama has called Congressmen to the White House for a meeting to at least get the Shutdown over with. you can read more in the Washington Post Online edition here 

And, It looks as though the Govenment Shutdown is affecting people's personal lives, such as wedding plans!! Several people had planned on having their wedding celebrations in our Nation's Capitol only to discover that major Parks are closed cause of the shutdown.  You can read more in the Washington Post Online here. 

And, several lawmakers will forego their pay during the Government shutdown...Find out which lawmakers aren't getting paid during the Shutdown here. 

And, Tom Clancy, Author has passed away. Check out the article here.

In other news, I managed to get a lot accomplished today in seeing that this was my day off from work. Also, I had the chance to enjoy this lovely day with sunshine and cool breezes blowing in the wind. Now, I have to decided to what to prepare for dinner?  Hmm, I am thinking of purchasing a meal from a local restaurant but I do need to save I may just fix something homemade.
I gotta go and see what else I can get into and I want to enjoy the day before night time. Have a Blessed Day and enjoy the art pages!!

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