Thursday, October 3, 2013

Government 3

Hidey Hoo and I hope all are having a wonderful Thirsty Thursday.....I know I am and busy as heck with all this news that is flooding in the newsroom!!
 First let me say, October is Breast Cancer Awareness ladies get those mammograms and men too!! Oh yeah, men can get Breast Cancer just as well as women.

In other news, Day 3 of the Government Shutdown and still no signs of the Government coming to an agreement and ending the shutdown. Check out the Washington Post Online edition for more information.

And, Workers are feeling the effects of the Government Shutdown as one town in Missouri. CHeck out the article here

And, The rumor mill has started up about Chelsea's baby know the daughter of Bill and Hillary.  according to the Washington Post, Chelsea is making 2014 the year of the baby for her and fiance,Marc.   So, We will have to wait and see if Chelsea delivers on a baby in the Clinton household.

But the Breaking News of the day, A Female driver rammed her car in the White House barricade and took police on a wild chase thru downtown Washington, DC before Police were able to apprehend the driver. A child was later found in the vehicle and the Female driver was shot and killed.  For more information, Check out the Washington Post Online edition here.
 And, Check out the CNN story here 
Check out USA Today version here

Well, I am done with news for today....I have to take care of some errands and try to get my life in order. So, Have a Blessed Day and remember to be kind to everyone you meet cause you never know what someone is going thru and your smile may be just the thing to pick them up....

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