Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5 of Government Shutdown

Well, It is Day 5 of the Gov't Shutdown and no end in sight. I am sure the Federal workers are getting fed up and worried about whether they will be paid?! According to a USA Today article, Congress has passed a bill offering furloughed Gov't workers back pay because of the Shutdown. 
The Baltimore Sun article on back pay of furloughed workers. 

And, The Pentagon is ordering that its' workers return to work as stated in a USA Today article.

And the Health law changes open enrollment...check it out in the USA Today article here

And, The Lady Baltimore moves into new home in Maryland. Check out the Sun article here.

And, 21 surprising effects of the Government shutdown you haven't heard about...cllick here to find out what they are. 

President Obama uses American Tales to show the effect of the Government Shutdown, check out the article in the Washington Times Online edition. 

Ok, i am done with news now I have to run some errands. So, Have a Blessed Day and be kind to everyone who you meet. Oh, and enjoy the art pages!!

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