Friday, October 4, 2013

Government Shutdown Day 4

Hidey Hoo and we made it too Friday....Time for some down time or maybe weekend fun!!

 If you will be in the Md/DC area this weekend/Month, check out these exciting events on the site.  From a Wine Tasting in Annapolis to a Boat Show..

Also, We are now in Day 4 of the Government Shutdown and no signs of congress coming to a solution to end it.  check out the article in the Online edition of the Washington Post.

And, it turns out that the female driver who led police on a car chase thru Washington, DC was mentally Ill and thought President Obama was stalking her. Police confirmed that the young woman is now dead. For more information, check out the article in the Washington Post Online edition. 

and here is the USA Today Online edition version of the female that led police on a car chase.

And if Congress wants to learn anything about the Government Shutdown they best travel back in time to the 1995 Shutdown to learn a lesson or two. Check out the Washington Post article here

and a guy was crushed to death by Marijuana!! Don't believe me, check out here in the USA Today article.

Also, President Obama supports plan for back pay of workers affected by the Government Shutdown. Check it out on the USA Today Online edition.  The legislature is the  Federal Employee Retroactive Pay Fairness Act

"Federal workers keep the nation safe and secure and provide vital services that support the economic security of American families," the White House Office of Management and Budget said in a statement. "The administration appreciates that the Congress is acting promptly to move this bipartisan legislation and looks forward to the bill's swift passage. This bill alone, however, will not address the serious consequences of the funding lapse, nor will a piecemeal approach to appropriations bills.

In other news, A-Rod is not going down without a fight and says that if He goes down....He will do everything in his power to see that Commissioner Bud Selig goes down with him. Check out the article in the USA Today Online edition. 

Well, i have to go run some more errands and enjoy this lovely day. Have a Blessed day and I hope all have a Fab Weekend!!! Oh and enjoy the art pages I created cause a day without creating is a day wasted as I always say. Oh and October is Breast Cancer Awareness go get those Mammograms!!!

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