Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown information

Well, It is Official the Government has Shutdown in our Nation's Capitol!! As of Midnight, The GOP couldn't find a solution, or rather, agree on an amendment that would keep the government funded and working....and with the Government Shutdown a lot of Federal Workers were told to do some last minute work in the office and ordered to leave the building Indefinitely!! 
Also, The Panda Cam at the National Zoo went dark, as well as, all National Parks in the United States. This Shutdown is causing more havoc than what was expected before this mess went into operation. President Obama informed America that this didn't have to happen.
“This Republican shutdown did not have to happen,” Obama said in the Rose Garden, standing in front of a group of Americans eligible to sign up for new health-insurance plans. He said it was “strange” that a political party “would make keeping people uninsured the centerpiece of their agenda.” He also underscored what he said was the “irony” that the shutdown will not affect the health-care law, widely known as Obamacare, because its funding sources are already in place."
For more information on the Government Shutdown, Read the Washington Post Online edition here

Although one monument was partially opened to let the Veterans visit the Memorial in DC.  Check out the article here

A list of what is closed and what is not included here.....

The ObamaCare sites go LIVE with some glitches....It looks like Universal health care is to be had by ALL whether the Government shuts down or not. 

And, A major cleanup at Arlington National Cemetery has some visitors worried. check out the article here

How the Government Shutdown will impact your daily life....check out article here 

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