Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The End of the Shutdown is near

BREAKING? Democratic and Republican senate leaders announce they have reached an agreement Wednesday to avert a threatened Treasury default and reopen the government after a partial, 16-day shutdown

Well, That was Headline for most of today's Media indicating that the Shutdown will be a thing of the past. Although, The House still has not cast its' vote it looks as though the Democrats will Pass this legislature and end the Government Shutdown!!  According to a Baltimore Sun article 
" The U.S. Senate announced a last-minute deal on Wednesday to avert a historic lapse in the government's borrowing ability and a potentially damaging debt default, and to reopen the government after a two-week shutdown."
check out the USA Today Online edition article on the Government Shutdown here 

And, It looks as though the health care site still has some glitches...check out USA Today article here

as for Ted Cruz...He needs to outted of Government and I think most people are just sick and tired of him!! Check out an article in USA Today online edition here.

Ok, i am tired of writing about news now on to my personal life. I managed to do some running around to take care of business, like shopping, mail a letter and I picked up some Halloween candy. Although, I am not expecting too many kids to visit this year but one never knows and must be prepared.
And, I managed to get creative and created some art pages cause a day without creating is a day wasted as I always say.
 Gotta go and run some more errands cause it looks as though it may rain later this evening. so, have a Blessed Day and be kind to everyone you meet.

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