Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Columbus Day

Happy Monday and also today is a Holiday as we celebrate Columbus Day!! Who knew Columbus Day was a Holiday? I didn't...
 For some people, This isn't a holiday and the beginning of a brand new work week!!
Also, We are in 14 days of the Government Shutdown but it looks like the Top Congressional Officials are coming close to reaching a deal to end the shutdown before the deadline, which is Thursday. You can read more by checking out the article in the USA Today Online edition here.

And, I didn't hear too much news regarding the Truckers protesting in Washington, DC?! The media is kind of keeping it hush hush for now...or maybe the Truckers aren't making a big impact in our Nation's Capitol.. I read some place a few Truckers circled the DC beltway but nothing out of the ordinary.

And, It looks as though a popular Sports drug is composed of Meth which has raised concerns in the health community. To find out more, Check out the USA Today article here

In sports news, The Ravens lost to the Packers!! But we can learn some things from this game and to find out what we can learn, Check out the Baltimore Sun article here

Ok, i am done talking about news. It is such a glorious day outside with the sun shining in the blue skies as a mild Breeze blows in the air. I think I will head outside to enjoy this delightful day!! Have a Blessed Day and enjoy the Holiday!!

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